Hi, I'm Phil


About me

I am a design engineer with almost 10 years’ experience working with consumer products, mostly on vacuum cleaners. For the last 4 years I have been focused on the specification, design, and integration of motor and drive assemblies, alongside scoping new vacuum cleaner concepts to assess risk and resource requirements.

What I do

I figure out exactly what things need to do, conjure designs that meet these needs, then 3D models to make them a reality. For really important parts I’ll create drawings and analyse tolerances before liaising with suppliers to make sure it's all going to work out. Sometimes, it works out sometimes I go back to the start and loop through again.

How I do it

I will get hands on and build my designs myself, rather than just read a report from a manufacturing engineer. I want to see my parts break myself rather than hear about it from a test engineer. I am comfortable working a production line or brainstorming ideas to Sir James Dyson. I am equally as happy to be in a workshop or test lab as I am to be sitting at a CAD station. I am not above following cables under a desk to check connections rather than waiting for IT to show up.

In brief

2007 - 2011


In 2007 I started studying at the University of Dundee. Graduating top of my class in academic achievement with a First class BSc(hons) in Product Design, 1st Class

2011 - 2012


Fresh out of uni I started working for a company called RSL Steeper, helping improve lives designing and improving upper limb prosthetic devices, packaging and acompanying documentation.

2012 - Today


Already a household name when I joined in 2012 Dyson was going through a rapid expansion that hasnt stopped in the lst 9 years, providing countless opportunities to learn and develop myself and others.

Stuff I've done that I can share

Dyson is pretty secretive, and pretty exacting, there are a bunch of things I have worked on that will never see the light of day, but there are some things I can share from my time here and before.

Dyson - Omni-Glide

My most recent on the shelves product

Dyson - Ball fluffy

Uniquely japanese

Uni - LightSync

My final year project

Dyson - Ball Animal 2 

An oldie but a goodie


My first job

Uni - Handy Coffee

Chindogu, coffee in your hand