Philip Gordon.
product designer / maker

LightSync is a product that aims to forge a subtle permanent connection between distributed team members by using colour as an indicator of morale. Each member of a remote team has a LightSync device in their workplace and is periodically prompted to set the colour by rolling the device left or right, this colour is broadcasted to the other team membersí LightSync devices at the push of a button.

When working in a remote team regular communication is essential, but constant phone calls and emails are time consuming and can often be of little benefit. The ambiguous nature of LightSync gives a general connection to the team rather than an individual, this can improve team confidence when all is well or prompt further communication to quickly solve problems when problems arise.

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Behind the scenes

LightSync was the final project of my Product Design degree. The body of the device was hand cast with polyester resin, with a silicone rubber base, and details made from laser cut acrulic. The fully working prototypes were powered by an Arduino Mini with an accellerometer measuring tilt to determine the colour of a high power RGB LED, with a cellular shield allowing for instantaneous international wireless communication.